´╗┐andy loughran: pm + digital strategist

Andy LoughranAndy has spent the last 6 years working with major ecommerce projects, covering markets from currency exchange to football clubs, and charities to mobile phone accessories.  He has a deep technical understanding of the social web, as well as the technologies that can be leveraged to make the big projects work. 

Andy spent a year working out in India for a childrens' charity, helping the charity to communicate with the advocates back in the UK to keep the funds rolling in and increase the transparency of where the money was being spent. 

He has a wealth of experience in running technical projects, from providing strong technical specifications through to implementation.  Many of these projects required a strong technical understanding balanced against the long term effects of such a strategy.

Core competencies: System Design, Social Media, Development Processes, MySQL, LAMP, Linux Administration, Customer Satisfaction.

Superpowers: Infectious happiness.

If he were a film character: Happy (Snow White & the Seven Dwarves)

Likes his tea: often and sugary.



Greg and Andy are doing the #London2Cambridge to raise money for our client, the Gaucher's Association. Please donate http://t.co/QmkHedMl

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RT @andylockran: @MarkCavendish any chance of an RT for our #london2cambridge ride for the Gaucher's association: http://t.co/V6pdaLq9 ...

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RT @CoreDDF: We're designing an app for @CoreDDF. It'll help patients take control of their condition. What would you like to see included?

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