Joanna Rich: Office Manager

Joanna RichJo looks after the daily running of the office and is also responsible for over-seeing the in’s and out’s of each project.

With a background in the financial services and insurance industries, Jo is a stickler for detail, particularly when figures are involved. You'll have to get up very early to get one past our Jo.

Core competencies: Sage, Accounting, Book-keeping, Reporting, Client liaison

Superpowers: eat, drink and sleep facebook

If she were a film character: Smurfette

Likes her tea: strong, no sugar.


Greg and Andy are doing the #London2Cambridge to raise money for our client, the Gaucher's Association. Please donate

02:37pm 03-09-2012

RT @andylockran: @MarkCavendish any chance of an RT for our #london2cambridge ride for the Gaucher's association: ...

10:34pm 28-08-2012

RT @CoreDDF: We're designing an app for @CoreDDF. It'll help patients take control of their condition. What would you like to see included?

03:10pm 20-08-2012
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