A Christmas Fairytale

posted on 7th December 2011 by Daniela

Once upon a time, in the freeze of the winter, the Scorecomms office was locked for the night. As the temperature dipped, the windows started to frost and the darkness overtook any colour that was there in the day.

Suddenly, from the depths of the cupboard, a bright light shone. It was so bright … read more »

Rolling out the Red Carpet

posted on 2nd December 2011 by Jon

We're delighted to announce the launch of a new beauty and cosmetics website for Red Carpet Manicure (www.redcarpetmanicure.co.uk). Working with our long-standing clients Louella Belle, we have created a new website to profile a fantastic new range of nail polishes.

The site was launched yesterday … read more »

Browser wars

posted on 29th November 2011 by Laurence

The Mozilla team have recently released version 9 of Firefox, this being the 5th iteration of the browser this year. With the delights of CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities browser functionality for such technologies is a must with most browsers (Firefox, chrome, ie9, opera, safari) showing support.
read more »

London & Capital goes live

posted on 24th November 2011 by Jon

We're pleased to announce the launch of London & Captial's new website. The site has been some six months in the making and we've worked closely with L&C's marketing team to develop a new site that really moves the company forward in terms of their digital profile.

www.londonandcapital.comread more »

Details, details, details

posted on 23rd November 2011 by Jon

If you have any kind of local issue on your system, one of the first things your IT provider (or indeed, your web developers) will ask you is what platform you are using and what browser. Wouldn't it be great if there was a website that did all of that for you? What's that you say - there is? Well … read more »

UPDATE -Service Status: Email Issues

posted on 10th November 2011 by Andy W

UPDATE 11th Nov 2011 - Everything seems to be back to normal.

Reported: 0930 - 10th November 2011

We're currently experiencing some issues with our email service, which is resulting in emails not being able to be received.

Information from our host provider:

"Some customers may be experiencing … read more »

Nerdy Things That Are Mostly Pointless: iPhone 4S

posted on 10th October 2011 by Andy W

Nah, just kidding. I think it's great.

The revelation that Apple would not be launching the iPhone 5, to me, was not such a bad thing. For a start it means that they won't just be shunting the "old" iPhone 4 to the bottom of their roster to gradually die under a sea of iOS updates it just can't … read more »

Tweet ya later

posted on 8th September 2011 by Jon

We will be running a Twitter Fringe meeting at all 3 political party conferences this year for the very lovely people at www.healthhotel.org.uk. As part of the marketing preamble for the live health debates we have been asked if its possible to schedule a number of Tweets to be sent out in advance. … read more »

How to get a head in advertising

posted on 29th July 2011 by Greg

You might have seen the Gareth Bale ?animation by trainee teacher Richard Swarbrick? showing the goal fest in the David and Goliath-esque match against Inter Milan last year. It was an overnight sensation and received 100,000 views in just three days. ?His latest piece is all about Rooney's magical … read more »

Nerdy Things That Are Mostly Pointless: 3D DOM Tree

posted on 26th July 2011 by Andy W

Perhaps this should be the start of a series of Nerdy Things That Are Mostly Pointless?.

Tilt is a Firefox plugin that allows you to view a webpages DOM tree (the hierarchy for how a page is laid out) in 3D!!! And we all know how much everyone loves 3D. OK, so it's not the brain confusing 3D that … read more »

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