Ghost planes on Google

posted on 25th July 2011 by Jon

Planning a route to a meeting in Central London, I recently came across a (not so) ghostly appiration hovering what looks like a few metres above Russell Square and heading towards the British Museum.

Google Aeroplanes

Taking into account the way Google snaps its Maps images via Satelite I've no doubt this is a … read more »

Jonnie Marbles splats Murdoch

posted on 19th July 2011 by Jon

With a great interest in Hackgate, the ScoreComms team were keeping a cheeky eye on proceedings at the House of Commons Select Committee this afternoon. Following the un-expected interruption by UK Comedian Jonnie Marbles, we checked out his Twitter feed where we spotted a rather telling Tweet on … read more »

Google tell businesses to wait before signing up to Google+

posted on 7th July 2011 by Jon

Google has revealed that it is working on a Google+ experience for businesses and is asking brands not to create Google+ profiles just yet.

In a post and accompanying YouTube video on Google+, Product Manager Christian Oestlien says that the Google+ team is working on creating a unique experience … read more »

Google+ +1

posted on 4th July 2011 by Andy W

If you're at all confused by that title, then you may have missed the latest offerings from Google which they've been quietly trickling out over the past few weeks and months.

If you haven't seen the google homepage for a while, go have a quick look, I'll wait - here's a link incase you need … read more »

WWDC - Apple's Not So Forbidden Fruits

posted on 7th June 2011 by Andy W

You may have seen a few bits of news popping up in newspapers and on tech sites about Apple's latest developer conference WWDC, which is going on in San Fransico right now. The conference started on Monday and lasts for 5 days, giving third party developers the opportunity to get hands on with … read more »

Great chemistry with Hydrogen

posted on 2nd June 2011 by Jon

We're delighted to have been selected by the Hydrogen Group to help design and roll-out a new global web presence for the company.

Working closely with our branding partners, Morning Design, we will be interpreting a new set of brand collateral for the group by creating a new web interface and … read more »

Presidential Klout

posted on 31st May 2011 by Jon

As followers of this blog will note, Presidential politics and in particular, the digital developments in campaigning in the US, are of great interest to us. The world digeratti look to the US for trends and ideas in how candidates are best able to engage with the electorate. Obama (and to a … read more »

Wealth Managers invest in Score

posted on 11th May 2011 by Jon

Following an intensive and very competitive pitch we are delighted to have been selected by one of London's leading wealth management firms, London & Capital to re-develop their digital identity.

Established in 1986, London & Capital is a leading independent wealth management firm who … read more »

9 out of 10 pollsters choose us!

posted on 3rd May 2011 by Jon

ComResWe have been selected by award winning polling and research consultancy ComRes to build a powerful, dynamic new website and content management system for the company.

ComRes works with many leading blue-chip corporations, campaign groups, political parties, public sector bodies and trade bodies. … read more »

Cloudy future?

posted on 2nd May 2011 by Jon

I've just read an excellent post by David Izen, Partner and Tech wiz at our IT partners Technica Solutions that comes closer to debunking and explaining the (often mis-placed) myths and aura around "the Cloud".

If you're looking for a really good insight into what the cloud is, what it can do for … read more »

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