Myspace / Bebo Generation

posted on 29th June 2006 by Jon

Interesting article by Victor Keegan (Guardian Tech writer) about some of the little pearls he picked up from Jackie Danicki’s (friend of Score) MySpace seminar from last week. Read the article here

Who's afraid of the big bad blog?

posted on 28th June 2006 by Jon

At a networking event the other night I was having a lengthy discussion / argument with the UK Director of Comms for Raytheon (US Defence contractor and maker of many a WMD). She would not accept that her company needed help on social media issues. It wasn’t until after the event that I found … read more »

Tantamount to Treason

posted on 28th June 2006 by Laurence

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to express my disgust at the comments made by Mr Rich in his post “England: Classless, Rubbish and Boring” which were tantamount to treason. I’ll admit that England’s performances have been far from inspiring but that’s missing the point. When … read more »

England Lethargy

posted on 27th June 2006 by Laurence

At the risk of being lynched (it’s a low risk i realise), I just want to go on record and say that I am thoroughly unenthused about the England football team. I consider myself to be a fan of the beautiful game - which is exactly the reason why I feel nothing for the national team.

For the … read more »

The Web - Apps to APIs

posted on 20th June 2006 by Sonya

Recently and much belatedly I finally got around to listening to some of the podcasts from the Carson Workshop’s ”The Future of Web Apps” summit which was held in February. Being a novice programmer I did wonder beforehand how much would go straight over my head but the talk by … read more »

when will i see you again

posted on 20th June 2006 by Laurence

Alas, a sad day for me as it’s probably the last time I see yet another one of my cars.

The first one was stolen by some young ne’er-do-wells and recovered days later looking like it had been eaten from the inside. Of course, I had to claim insurance and will be financially punished … read more »

Social networking is big, apparently

posted on 19th June 2006 by Laurence

Interesting article in Sunday’s Observer on social networking sites -,,1800014,00.html - But does anyone else see the irony in a paper with half a million readers running a feature on a collection of websites with 100 million unique visitors per month? … read more »

Google Earth - coming of age?

posted on 13th June 2006 by Jon

Google is finally adding geographic-coding support to Google maps (version 4.0 is now being released) so developers can get the coordinates for a street address. This has been a bit of an issue for us here at Score as we’re one of the 30,000+ developers who have been trying to make Google … read more »

How to Animate

posted on 12th June 2006 by Laurence

Sometimes our clients ask us to animate things in Flash and this will give you an idea of what’s involved… kind of…

Flash takes over

Gawker falls short of UK copyright law

posted on 12th June 2006 by Laurence

Gawker, the celeb gossip blog, has been forced to block access to UK visitors after it was judged to have breached UK copyright laws. (read about more on the guardian website,,1794995,00.html).

This has sparked debate about the differences in IP laws … read more »

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