Is Skype ready yet?

posted on 6th December 2006 by Jon

There’s a great deal of talk at the moment about whether Skype is now ready to go from a fun tool that connects friends for free, to a serious corporate tool that companies are happy to include as part of their communications arsenal.

I can only speak from my own experience of this … read more »

Annoying AA Ad

posted on 11th October 2006 by Laurence

Ok so the vote for most irritating advert goes to American Airlines for their highly patronising “And if we can keep them happy” campaign.

Have a look here.

For those who haven’t seen it, they show Mr. Soprano James Gandolfini stuffing his already well-fed face with food and … read more »

In it for the money?

posted on 13th September 2006 by Laurence

Seth Godin talks about how top innovators create first and turn their inventions or ideas into profit later.

"In fact, the more I think about it, the more it seems that pioneers are almost never in it for the money. The smart ones figure out how to take a remarkable innovation and turn it into a … read more »


posted on 27th July 2006 by Laurence

Having spent the last week or so investigating the world of wikis, I’ve noticed a few things which seem a bit silly.

Firstly, the lack of a high quality “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor, which allows the user to edit text just like Word, is evident in pretty much … read more »

The new battleground

posted on 17th July 2006 by Jon

As companies begin to understand the power of blogging, some interesting new battle lines are being drawn up. For example, the CEO of the Carphone Warehouse - Charles Dunstone is well known in the industry for his somewhat pioneering blog in which he throws caution to the wind (well, kind of) and … read more »

Early days

posted on 16th July 2006 by Jon

Business blogging is still very much in its infancy as companies look to learn more about the landscape before diving in head first. According to a report released by eMarketer only 5.8 percent of the top Fortune 500 operate blogs.  The report claims that just 1.5 percent of the companies on … read more »

Sorting fact from the fiction

posted on 10th July 2006 by Jon

An interesting article in Sunday’s Observer newspaper looks into the political power now wielded by political bloggers in the UK. Over the pond, agenda setting by blogs is a long accepted practice. It is only now that the UK’s mainstream media has been forced into accepting the now … read more »

Loving Youtube

posted on 6th July 2006 by Laurence

People Power

posted on 30th June 2006 by Laurence

Chris Anderson of Wired discusses the Age of Peer Production

"From to MySpace to craigslist, the most successful Web companies are building business models based on user-generated content…

The tools of production, from … read more »

Myspace / Bebo Generation

posted on 29th June 2006 by Jon

Interesting article by Victor Keegan (Guardian Tech writer) about some of the little pearls he picked up from Jackie Danicki’s (friend of Score) MySpace seminar from last week. Read the article here

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