posted on 24th July 2007 by Jon

I have been using a Blackberry for about 4 years and like getting a mobile phone, I feel I would struggle without it (although probably not for long). My contract with T-Mobile is now up and I’m about to renew it whilst upgrading to a new Blackberry Curve. I was all excited about this … read more »

I'm weak

posted on 13th July 2007 by Jon

OK, I admit it, I’m weak. I know that this is exactly what they want me to do and that I am only assisting a cleverly worked viral campaign along its way to the next poor sucker that see’s this. But I can’t help it, this is REALLY cool:

It’s a movie trailer for a film … read more »

Facebook - blurring the lines

posted on 2nd July 2007 by Jon


Last week, Legal firm Allen & Overy were forced to back-down on a threat to ban all employees from using Facebook. This came in response to an outcry from the firm’s staff who claimed that Facebook was actually much more than just a social networking tool. The staff of A+O (whose … read more »

Facebook Fatigue

posted on 1st July 2007 by Jon


The doomsayers are already discussing the downfall of this years biggest hit - Facebook. In an article by Canadian technology blogger Mark Evans, five things are listed that could bring down Facebook. These are loosely based around inbox overload/contamination and Facebook posting too many ads … read more »

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