Great blogging tips and tools

posted on 13th November 2007 by Jon

Steve Rubel over at Micropersuasion has spotted this great post that pulls together a raft of useful websites, tools and tips for anyone looking to write or run a blog. Take a look at this pretty exhaustive list: Blogging Tips

We shall not be moved

posted on 5th November 2007 by Jon

I was one of the generation that sat back and watched as the New Labour Govt put University out of reach for many by introducing fees for degrees. My year was one of the very last to have received a “free” university education (although I still had to take out student loans and take on … read more »

The Facebook Election

posted on 4th November 2007 by Jon


In the 90’s politicians wooed the MTV generation in a bid to win the vote of Generation X. Now, the battleground has moved on: it’s all about social networks and garnering as much support as possible using the least expensive method.

The early stages of the US Presidentials have … read more »

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