Great blogging tips and tools

posted on 13th November 2007 by Jon

Steve Rubel over at Micropersuasion has spotted this great post that pulls together a raft of useful websites, tools and tips for anyone looking to write or run a blog. Take a look at this pretty exhaustive list: Blogging Tips

We shall not be moved

posted on 5th November 2007 by Jon

I was one of the generation that sat back and watched as the New Labour Govt put University out of reach for many by introducing fees for degrees. My year was one of the very last to have received a “free” university education (although I still had to take out student loans and take on … read more »

The Facebook Election

posted on 4th November 2007 by Jon


In the 90’s politicians wooed the MTV generation in a bid to win the vote of Generation X. Now, the battleground has moved on: it’s all about social networks and garnering as much support as possible using the least expensive method.

The early stages of the US Presidentials have … read more »

Network Rail Utilise Myspace

posted on 8th October 2007 by Nick


Musicians, video directors, bloggers and comedians - we have a new big-kid joining myspace!

They go by the name of Network Rail and these guys are using a whole different approach to myspace - raising awareness for road safety.

After seeing a little advert on myspace for a new track … read more »

How to leave Facebook

posted on 2nd October 2007 by Jon


How many hours have I wasted on Facebook? Who knows? Of all the applications that should be developed for the site, the one that I should really have added is a timer that keeps track of the amont of time I’ve spent on the Social Networking site. For some people it has become a genuine … read more »

Google Presentations are here!

posted on 20th September 2007 by Jon


Huge news from Google as the much anticipated presentation application has now been launched and added to their Google Docs portfolio. This is a massive step for Google and has been about two years in the making. It now means that Google can compete with Microsoft with each of their main … read more »

Google version of Powerpoint

posted on 14th September 2007 by Jon

The long awaited missing tool from Google’s online docs and spreadsheets range is about to launched. Code-named “Presently” (a play on the Word-like “Writely” application that Google bought and used as its own), Google’s version of Powerpoint is reportedly days … read more »

Quick Screenshots

posted on 24th August 2007 by Jon


Thumbalizr is a new online image tool that allows users to take screen shots of web pages. It’s helpful for people (like us) who are constantly taking screenshots of pages, editing them in Photoshop and then sending them on to clients to review.

The site is still very much in its … read more »

Facebook's subtle advertising

posted on 20th August 2007 by Nick

Well well well.

To begin with Facebook started off as a social community website where users could upload photo’s of themselves. It started off with very little advertising. However recently, we’ve seen more advertising appear throughout the website.

Now being 21 myself, I have … read more »


posted on 24th July 2007 by Jon

I have been using a Blackberry for about 4 years and like getting a mobile phone, I feel I would struggle without it (although probably not for long). My contract with T-Mobile is now up and I’m about to renew it whilst upgrading to a new Blackberry Curve. I was all excited about this … read more »

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