A huge price for a small slice

posted on 8th April 2008 by Nick

Chris Clark had no idea that when he purchased pizza.com he’d find himself such a tasty deal. Sure, he must have thought he’d make a nice little profit but was he aware that he’d have an anonymous bidder pay £1,300,000 for the domain? I think not. Chris had purchased the … read more »

From internet to into debt

posted on 7th April 2008 by Nick

Well brace yourself as we may have a huge invoice on our hands, an invoice to the tune of £20,000,000,000 (£20bn). Its becoming apparent that the amount of bandwidth being used is clogging up our copper pipes. If i’m still being a little too technical I’ll tone it down.

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Facebook gets a makeover

posted on 1st April 2008 by Nick

Being avid web-designers, it was only a matter of time before we found out about Facebook’s new profile layouts. I’d first heard about these new facebook profiles a few weeks back but after searching on Facebook’s blog, I eventually found the article myself. Was I wowed? Hmm. … read more »

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