Want more traffic?

posted on 25th July 2008 by Jeanine

Getting a position on the first page of Google is tough, very tough. How many millions of similar businesses are out there? How many people are looking for the best quality offers? And how can I make more business from my website?

A strong level of natural search optimization techniques can bring … read more »

New "Asprox" online virus detected

posted on 24th July 2008 by Jeanine

Around 2 Million computers worldwide have been infected with a virus (trojan) called Asprox. It allows web cheats to steal personal information while people are surfing the web. The bug invisibly redirects computers to a new website, allowing the thieves to download security information.

It is … read more »

The Long Tail and the Dip

posted on 18th July 2008 by Jon


Marketing guru Seth Godin has just posted a very concise explanation of the Long Tail theory and the Dip (both of which he has written excellent books about). These are the kind of books and theories that anyone thinking of launching a web based / mass market product or business should read and … read more »

BT Plan £1.5bn Investment for fibre-optic broadband

posted on 16th July 2008 by Jon

BT yesterday announced plans to invest £1.5 billion in fibre-optic cables, providing supersonic speeds for the majority of the country.

Speeds of upto 100MBps will be achieved, and it looks like new-builds will be the first to benefit from the scheme. By 2012, BT are hoping that over 10 … read more »

Flash friendly to SEO

posted on 12th July 2008 by Jon

One of the biggest changes in recent years to the way in which we design and layout our websites is just about to hit home. Last week Adobe announced that they have licensed new technology to Google and Yahoo that will allow both Search Engines to index some Flash content. This is a major shake up … read more »

Firefox 3 Review

posted on 11th July 2008 by Jon

Mozilla have finally released their latest version of the popular browser Firefox (over a year and a half since the last version 2 was let out of the box).

We’ve been having a play around and it seems to be fairly sturdy. Early reviews from here at Score Towers are that the interface is … read more »

Slow hand clap for BT

posted on 11th July 2008 by Jon

Following a number of clients complaining that their email has started to throw up a 553 error, we’ve conducted a little research and found that BT broadband are to blame (shock!).

Customers who don’t use an @btinternet.com address are basically being forced to jump through hoops to … read more »

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