Michael Jackson RIP

posted on 26th June 2009 by Jon

Thanks for the music MJ.

The ScoreComms office will be playing nothing else all day.

This was arguably his greatest performance (and there were a few!):

Jibber Jabber

posted on 25th June 2009 by Jon

There's no question about it - Jib Jab are the absolute kings of online viral comedy. They've been a big favourite of everyone at Score for a number of years now. Just take a look at their latest piece:

They've actually gone a little further and let everyone in on the behind the scenes stuff that … read more »

Social Media Venn Diagram

posted on 10th June 2009 by Jon

OK, a rather more humourous take on my recent Conversation Prism blog post:


More like this at: Despair,Inc.

The Twitterverse

posted on 2nd June 2009 by Jon

Further to the previous post displaying the Conversation Prism, Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas have also created a similar illustration for Twitter and all of the communities it has spawned:


The ever expanding map displays an growing network of applications and URL’s that have been born … read more »

The Conversation Prism

posted on 2nd June 2009 by Jon

The Conversation Prism is an excellent representation of where things fit in the Social Media Universe. Created by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas, this excellent diagram is definitely something I’ll be referring to in future Social Media Workshops as it highlights all of the main players and … read more »

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