posted on 1st December 2009 by Jon

Great little presentation on the benefits and advantages of investing in social media and developing a good social media strategy:

Google Wave Pimped

posted on 26th November 2009 by Jon

...or perhaps this entry should be entitled “Google Wave Pulped”.

We’ve already posted a couple of entries on Google Wave, what it is, how it works etc… This video shows in glorious colour exactly what the system is about, how it can integrate various mediums and channels … read more »

Online Campaigning

posted on 22nd November 2009 by Jon

With focus turning to the UK election next May, I just re-read an interview in the Guardian that I remember seeing back in February this year. It’s with Thomas Gensemer - Managing Partner of Blue State Digital, the team behind Obama’s successful digital engagement strategy - discusses … read more »


posted on 16th November 2009 by Daniela


Posterous is the dead simple place to post everything.

Requiring no set up or sign up, Posterous allows users to enter the world of online blogging through the use of email, having all the tools of a normal online blog or website including all types of media, comments, social networking tools … read more »

Google Wave

posted on 15th November 2009 by Jon

This is the first time we’ve re-visited Google Wave since its high profile launch back in May (see this post from May). Following the initial razmataz, developers have been waiting their turn to have a stab at the new application. I had a short test run back in August but things appear to … read more »

Facebook - the Movie!

posted on 12th August 2009 by Jon

It was only a matter of time I guess but Aron Sorkin of West Wing fame has just signed up to write the screenplay for a movie depicting the creation of the global phenomenon that is Facebook.

"Facebook: The Movie" tells the story of the creation and evolution of the popular website from 2004 to … read more »

Streetview in 3D

posted on 6th August 2009 by Greg

A start-up agency called yellowBird (from the Netherlands) has developed its own interactive 3D video version of Google’s Street View. If you are not familiar, Street View enables you view and move around your local streets with 360 degree street level imagery.

Essentially, yellowBird has … read more »

Digital Britain Fall Guy

posted on 4th August 2009 by Jon


Treasury Minister, Stephen Timms has just been given the brief of carrying through the proposals of the Govt’s Digital Britain report as he takes up the role about to be vacated by the outgoing Minister - Lord Carter.

The Guardian spells out the details in this report: read more »

Undergoing a re-brand

posted on 3rd August 2009 by Jon

A re-brand is always a tough excercise to carry out. You have those in the company who are quite content with the existing brand and don’t really see the point in wasting time changing things. Then there are those looking to put their own little stamp on the company brand and perhaps look to … read more »

We've moved!

posted on 30th July 2009 by Jon

After 5 years at Score Towers (a.k.a: the 8th floor at Northway House) we have upped sticks and moved to a fantastic new studio just around the corner:

26 Station Road
New Barnet

Our contact details remain unchanged.

Our new HQ is actually a converted bank premises with full … read more »

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