Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

posted on 24th September 2010 by Jon

Now that's a phone! Or at least it would be if it existed…

Google, in an Instant

posted on 10th September 2010 by Jon

Have you noticed the enhancements that Google have recently added to the user experience? To the right of the search box you will now see a small note saying: “Instant Search is on”. This function is Google’s attempt at a predictive text function that suggests what it is that you … read more »

Score open Brighton offices

posted on 1st September 2010 by Jon

Score Brighton OfficesWe are delighted to announce the opening of our new offices in central Brighton. Our new premises are directly next to Brighton's famous Royal Pavillion on Marlborough Parade.

Headed up by Score's Programming Director, Laurence Nash, our new office will draw upon a vibrant search and digital scene … read more »

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