LinkedIn updates to company pages

posted on 9th September 2012 by Jon

LinkedIn will this week introduce a new look for company pages: “Starting this week, a few companies are getting early access to the redesigned Company Pages, including Philips, Citi, HP and Dell.”

The updates will include:

  • an image to represent the company
  • ability to share status … read more »

EU e-Privacy Law

posted on 17th May 2012 by Andy L

The 'deadline' for the EU Cookie Law will be on the 26th May 2012, after being deferred one year.  We've had a couple of questions from our clients on what it means to be compliant, and whether they need to take any action to do so.  I hope to satisfy your enquiry with the information … read more »

Chambers of Commerce

posted on 23rd April 2012 by Jon

Very much looking forward to a short presentation we're giving to the many members of COBCOE this afternoon. COBCOE represent the many British Chambers of Commerce across Europe and we're talking to them today about improving their web offerings and how to leverage from the many online marketing … read more »

Love on Pancake Day!

posted on 21st February 2012 by Jon

Love is....wearing the gift that you got your girlfriend  (after Valentine's Day).

 Andy Loughran loves Karly!

Having seen what Andy got for his girlfriend, we have decreed that it must remain on him for the entire day (including his lunch break). Bless.

Giraffe Bread

posted on 2nd February 2012 by Andy L

In one of the most successful outcomes of an online Social Media campaign, Sainsbury's announced that they'd be renaming their 'Tiger Bread' to 'Giraffe' bread, to more accurately reflect its appearance - that is - according to a young lady called Lily.

Back in June last year, Lily's mum wrote on … read more »

Moving Office...

posted on 19th January 2012 by Andy W

Having recently moves offices ourselves, we were interested to see others following our example and moving their office down Charlotte Street, though in a slightly different way to how we did.

We saw this driving down the road and it was kind enough to pull up just outside our own office for a … read more »

Obama campaign site panned

posted on 6th January 2012 by Jon

A recent article in .Net Magazine has slammed the Obama 2012 campaign website for not being fully functional on mobile devices.

A review by mobile focused designer Stephanie Rieger has highlighted a number of flaws with the new campaign site and the general lack of functionality when viewed on … read more »

Internet Explorer 6 usage now less than 1% in USA

posted on 4th January 2012 by Andre

It's good to know that Microsoft's persistence to lower the usage of their outdated browser, Internet Explorer 6, is going well. Yesterday marked a milestone for the mission, revealing less than 1% of USA now use the browser to use the web.

In an official blog yesterday the message began "IE6 has … read more »

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