Giraffe Bread

posted on 2nd February 2012 by Andy L

In one of the most successful outcomes of an online Social Media campaign, Sainsbury's announced that they'd be renaming their 'Tiger Bread' to 'Giraffe' bread, to more accurately reflect its appearance - that is - according to a young lady called Lily.

Back in June last year, Lily's mum wrote on her blog about a Customer Service Letter sent to her daughter in response to her cute observations.  It was picked up by a couple of blogs, shared on Facebook and Twitter (becoming viral) and then tailed off over time.

Whilst this is not in itself a 'novel' trend, it was this last week's activities that have made it a little bit more unique.

It resurfaced, and once again was filling the Social Media space with requests for Sainsbury's to act on Lily's wish - and rename 'Tiger' to 'Giraffe'.

I've read the analysis by Laurence Borel, and it's pretty tight - but also shows how 'power users' of Facebook and Twitter can spark a 'trend' on Social Media websites.  I'll be keeping a close eye on other peoples thoughts and analysis - hopefully we'll see another phenomenon occur in the near future to help test some of the hypotheses out there!  

My favourite one is from a guy who says he's a schoolfriend of Lily's mum:

My theory of the second resurgence is that people couldn’t re-share images on facebook last June, and this has made a much wider audience for the story. 


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