Obama campaign site panned

posted on 6th January 2012 by Jon

A recent article in .Net Magazine has slammed the Obama 2012 campaign website for not being fully functional on mobile devices.

A review by mobile focused designer Stephanie Rieger has highlighted a number of flaws with the new campaign site and the general lack of functionality when viewed on mobile devices.

The team behind the original Obama campaign back in 2008, Blue State Digital, were widely credited with creating a vast grass roots campaign that allowed Obama to raise the funds and support necessary for victory in the Presidential race. This time out, the bar has been raised significantly as observers and commentators have become more critical focusing on every little detail in an effort to highlight strengths and weaknesses in the various campaign websites. This particular point about mobile access is a good example.  

Over the last 18 months, mobile has entered the testing cylce for web developers and is now viewed as just another platform that a site must function on (adding to a raft of browsers that we currently test for).

There is really no difference in the importance of a campaign site working on mobile vs a consumer website selling a specific product. Whatever your site is pushing (message or product) turning off a slice of your potential audience is always going to be a no-no.

Read the full article here: http://www.netmagazine.com/news/obamas-campaign-site-slammed-121671


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