TVAV Installations

TVAV Installations

A North-West London company that specialises in the supply and installation of the latest audio-visual gadgets and wizardry. The company has grown as a direct result of the owner and proprietor Richard Carton who oversees the daily goings on of the business. He and his staff provide the friendly face to what is an exciting, yet often humorless medium. When researching the competition, it became clear that this amiable personality was an essential ingredient to feature on the website to make it stand apart from the crowd. The robot theme (see below) successfully portrays the initial confusion that confronts the average 'non-techie'. However, clear navigation, easily digestible information and a fresh, invigorating interface soon puts the visitor at ease enough to get in contact and book up a consultation.

The intuitive interface disguises a state-of the-art content management system for simple administration by the TV/AV team. Alongside a comprehensive online marketing campaign, the portal can expect a vibrant response, all of which will be monitored and fine-tuned by Score as the business continues to prosper.

Services provided: design, content management, branding


Greg and Andy are doing the #London2Cambridge to raise money for our client, the Gaucher's Association. Please donate

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RT @andylockran: @MarkCavendish any chance of an RT for our #london2cambridge ride for the Gaucher's association: ...

10:34pm 28-08-2012

RT @CoreDDF: We're designing an app for @CoreDDF. It'll help patients take control of their condition. What would you like to see included?

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