<![CDATA[Score Communications]]> <![CDATA[LinkedIn updates to company pages]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/linkedin_updates_to_company_pages http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/linkedin_updates_to_company_pages LinkedIn will this week introduce a new look for company pages: “Starting this week, a few companies are getting early access to the redesigned Company Pages, including Philips, Citi, HP and Dell.”

The updates will include:

  • an image to represent the company
  • ability to share status updates with members on LinkedIn
  • simpler navigation to profile services and products more clearly
  • updates to the careers element of company pages

LinkedIn aims to roll out the experience to all companies later this year.

We'll be taking a look at these updates over the course of the next few weeks and offering recommendations to our clients as part of  Q3's quarterly reports.

For further info, read this post on LinkedIn's own blog:


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<![CDATA[EU e-Privacy Law]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/eu_e_privacy_law http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/eu_e_privacy_law The 'deadline' for the EU Cookie Law will be on the 26th May 2012, after being deferred one year.  We've had a couple of questions from our clients on what it means to be compliant, and whether they need to take any action to do so.  I hope to satisfy your enquiry with the information below:


The main issue with the law, according to many of its critics, is the fact that websites will become liable for something that is essentially controlled by the end user.  Historically an end-user has been able to set their cookie preferences in their browser - the problem with this is that cookies have many uses but all look the same.  It wasn't long ago that you could log on to msn.co.uk and end up with several cookies all tracking your behaviour on websites that had no relationship to msn.  

The aim of the EU directive is to stop such behaviours.  If someone logs onto scorecomms.com - I should not be using it as an opportunity to add a tracking device so that next time they visit scorecomms.com I can track which other sites they've been on.  This sort of use is technically possible, but far beyond what an average consumer would expect to allow.


This new cookie law is an attempt by the EU to educate end-users as to what their cookies are actually being used for and to prevent sites from using and abusing cookies for their own anti-competitive and illicit gains.  Instead of it being something controlled via a browser, all sites will have to enable the user to 'opt-in' to using cookies.

This will prevent the user from clicking the 'do not show this message again' checkbox on their pop-up - something probably done when the browser was first opened on the new PC and never thought about again.

What are score doing to comply? 

At the moment there are a few methods available to acheive compliance.  The complication is that many of these solutions adversely affect the end users' experience of the site by either displaying an ugly pop-up or having unforeseen consequences if cookies are disabled.  This doesn't just impact on our codebase, but on plugins and extensions we integrate from other providers.  We are actively looking at how the handling evolves over the next few months and will implement our solutions accordingly.

From the Information Commissioner's Office

In a recent interview on econsutlancy.com, Dave Evans was asked the following question:

Q: Will you come up with a definitive answer on what compliance is?

A: We don’t know what compliance will look like in a year’s time. There are lots of gaps here, and we want people to fill them with good practice. We can then point to examples of this and everyone will have a greater understanding of what is required. We hope that this will pick up over the next month or so.


Score will be working with all our clients to make sure that they stay compliant.  We can perform a cookie audit to check current compliance levels, and provide a quote for fast-tracking compliance where necessary. 

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<![CDATA[Chambers of Commerce]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/chambers_of_commerce http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/chambers_of_commerce Very much looking forward to a short presentation we're giving to the many members of COBCOE this afternoon. COBCOE represent the many British Chambers of Commerce across Europe and we're talking to them today about improving their web offerings and how to leverage from the many online marketing and social networking opportunities that are out there.


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<![CDATA[Love on Pancake Day!]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/love_on_pancake_day http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/love_on_pancake_day Love is....wearing the gift that you got your girlfriend  (after Valentine's Day).

 Andy Loughran loves Karly!

Having seen what Andy got for his girlfriend, we have decreed that it must remain on him for the entire day (including his lunch break). Bless.

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<![CDATA[Giraffe Bread]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/giraffe_bread http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/giraffe_bread In one of the most successful outcomes of an online Social Media campaign, Sainsbury's announced that they'd be renaming their 'Tiger Bread' to 'Giraffe' bread, to more accurately reflect its appearance - that is - according to a young lady called Lily.

Back in June last year, Lily's mum wrote on her blog about a Customer Service Letter sent to her daughter in response to her cute observations.  It was picked up by a couple of blogs, shared on Facebook and Twitter (becoming viral) and then tailed off over time.

Whilst this is not in itself a 'novel' trend, it was this last week's activities that have made it a little bit more unique.

It resurfaced, and once again was filling the Social Media space with requests for Sainsbury's to act on Lily's wish - and rename 'Tiger' to 'Giraffe'.

I've read the analysis by Laurence Borel, and it's pretty tight - but also shows how 'power users' of Facebook and Twitter can spark a 'trend' on Social Media websites.  I'll be keeping a close eye on other peoples thoughts and analysis - hopefully we'll see another phenomenon occur in the near future to help test some of the hypotheses out there!  

My favourite one is from a guy who says he's a schoolfriend of Lily's mum:

My theory of the second resurgence is that people couldn’t re-share images on facebook last June, and this has made a much wider audience for the story. 

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<![CDATA[Moving Office...]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/moving_office http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/moving_office Having recently moves offices ourselves, we were interested to see others following our example and moving their office down Charlotte Street, though in a slightly different way to how we did.

We saw this driving down the road and it was kind enough to pull up just outside our own office for a bit of a chit chat. While we're not too sure quite what it was promoting, it definitely made an impression, what with the keyboard steering wheel, water cooler and harnessed office chairs, though I can't imagine it was very warm and dry out there.

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<![CDATA[Obama campaign site panned]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/obama_campaign_site_panned http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/obama_campaign_site_panned A recent article in .Net Magazine has slammed the Obama 2012 campaign website for not being fully functional on mobile devices.

A review by mobile focused designer Stephanie Rieger has highlighted a number of flaws with the new campaign site and the general lack of functionality when viewed on mobile devices.

The team behind the original Obama campaign back in 2008, Blue State Digital, were widely credited with creating a vast grass roots campaign that allowed Obama to raise the funds and support necessary for victory in the Presidential race. This time out, the bar has been raised significantly as observers and commentators have become more critical focusing on every little detail in an effort to highlight strengths and weaknesses in the various campaign websites. This particular point about mobile access is a good example.  

Over the last 18 months, mobile has entered the testing cylce for web developers and is now viewed as just another platform that a site must function on (adding to a raft of browsers that we currently test for).

There is really no difference in the importance of a campaign site working on mobile vs a consumer website selling a specific product. Whatever your site is pushing (message or product) turning off a slice of your potential audience is always going to be a no-no.

Read the full article here: http://www.netmagazine.com/news/obamas-campaign-site-slammed-121671

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<![CDATA[Internet Explorer 6 usage now less than 1% in USA]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/internet_explorer_6_usage_now_less_than_1_in_usa http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/internet_explorer_6_usage_now_less_than_1_in_usa It's good to know that Microsoft's persistence to lower the usage of their outdated browser, Internet Explorer 6, is going well. Yesterday marked a milestone for the mission, revealing less than 1% of USA now use the browser to use the web.

In an official blog yesterday the message began "IE6 has been the punch line of browser jokes for a while, and we’ve been as eager as anyone to see it go away" and carried on to say "We hope this means more developers and IT Pros can consider IE6 a “low-priority” at this point and stop spending their time having to support such an outdated browser."

The lack of support for modern web technologies creates a lot more work for web developers. This is a positive sign for the future as it will allow for contemporary techniques to be utilised, giving visitors to their websites a richer experience.

To find out more about Internet Explorer 6 use in your country and around the globe check the IE6 countdown.

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<![CDATA[Merry Christmas to all our wonderful clients]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/merry_christmas_to_all_our_wonderful_clients http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/merry_christmas_to_all_our_wonderful_clients The elves here at Score would like to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our wonderful clients. See you in 2012!

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<![CDATA[A Christmas Fairytale]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/a_christmas_fairytale http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/a_christmas_fairytale Once upon a time, in the freeze of the winter, the Scorecomms office was locked for the night. As the temperature dipped, the windows started to frost and the darkness overtook any colour that was there in the day.

Suddenly, from the depths of the cupboard, a bright light shone. It was so bright that it cast a ray of life into the office. With twinkles of sparkly dust, a small fairy dressed in pink emerged. The fairy was called Laurence.

With a blink of his eyes, a Christmas tree appeared in the middle of the office. Its branches slowly opened as if alive. Laurence delicately added Christmas lights to the tree, flashes of red, blue, yellow and green throwing a seasonal glow onto the computer screens and desks of the daytime visitors. One after the other, baubles were adding to the branches.

With a long jump, Laurence sat himself at the top as the angel, and the Christmas tree was complete. 

But Laurence was lonely. Year after year he had been at the top of the tree wishing for some companions, but his wishes were never answered. With a tear, he once again wished he could share the Christmas tree and the spirit of the festive season with some friends.

All of a sudden, there was a tap at the window. Wiping his face, Laurence dashed to see who or what it was. He heaved the window open and was greeted by a robin.

"Hi! My name is Daniela!" the robin said, "It's starting to snow out here and my friends and I are feeling very cold, could we come in and stay for the night?"

"Of course," beamed Laurence with a huge grin on his face, and in moments he was surrounded by new faces. 

Greg the Elf, Andre the Angel, Jo the Snowman and Andy the Jester bundled into the office singing Christmas carols. They were in awe of the Christmas tree and they jumped onto it, taking a spot to sleep for the night. Laurence smiled more than he had ever smiled before, once again taking his spot at the top of the tree, though this time he was a lot happier.

Before any of them could fall asleep, they heard the jingle of sleigh bells and someone in red jumped down from the aircon unit. It was Santa!!

"Ho ho ho," cried Jonathan the Santa, "Merry Christmas!!"

Everyone on the tree clapped in delight and all began to dance as Santa's helpers, Harriet the Reindeer and Amanda the Christmas pudding, passed presents around. It was a joyous night!!

Later on, as everyone once again took their place on the tree and fell asleep, Laurence said a little thank you to whoever had granted his wish. And it so happened that they all loved the atmosphere of the Scorecomms office, the comfyness of the Christmas tree and the fun they all had together, that they all decided to stay!

And this is how it is to this day: the Scorecomms Christmas tree decorated with cute little faces, all overlooked by Laurence.

And they all lived happily ever after...

We Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas (albeit early!!)

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<![CDATA[Rolling out the Red Carpet]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/rolling_out_the_red_carpet http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/rolling_out_the_red_carpet We're delighted to announce the launch of a new beauty and cosmetics website for Red Carpet Manicure (www.redcarpetmanicure.co.uk). Working with our long-standing clients Louella Belle, we have created a new website to profile a fantastic new range of nail polishes.

The site was launched yesterday and was featured this morning on ITV's Daybreak show where Lorraine Kelly's Style section profiled the product:

Red Carpet Manicure           Red Carpet Manicure

The site includes a full e-commerce platform and content management system allowing the client full control over every element of the site. We pulled the site together in a light-speed 3-4 week development cycle and worked very closely with the client's Marketing team Entice Communications who were a huge help in providing content and imagery in the lead up to launch.


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<![CDATA[Browser wars]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/browser_wars http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/browser_wars The Mozilla team have recently released version 9 of Firefox, this being the 5th iteration of the browser this year. With the delights of CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities browser functionality for such technologies is a must with most browsers (Firefox, chrome, ie9, opera, safari) showing support.
So what browser is the “best” and why bother upgrading? Well of course this is subjective. People's tastes vary between browsers for different reasons (plugins, themes, apps etc.) but it’s certain that eventually you will visit a website that is using contemporary technologies. This highlights the importance of having an up to date browser, you will always experience the website to its full potential, not a dumbed down version that has been diluted to meet the requirements of a browser made 10 years ago (*cough* ie6). The developments of browsers happen for a reason, things change and progress and the browsers must do too. It’s simple, if you don’t keep up you will be left behind.
I personally use two different browsers. For developing websites I stick to using Firefox, simply because of the development tools it offers. For everything else I use Google’s Chrome, but what about everyone else?
The following table is taken from http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser-ww-monthly-201011-201111. It shows the usage of the 5 most popular browsers in 2011 globally.
Although still in the lead with 40.63% (November 2011), Internet Explorer is dropping in usage at a substantial rate. Firefox is also dropping but not as much, it holds a respectable 25.23% share. Chrome is rising in use, it has only been around since 2008 however it has been widely adopted and now holds the number 2 spot with 25.69% of users.
The UK statistics show a very similar story: http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser-GB-monthly-201011-201111. Here we can see that the amount of IE users are also dropping. They have almost lost a 10% share this year alone, still they hold the top spot with 42.82%. Chrome comes in second with 24.82% (a rise in 10.16%) followed closely by Firefox at 20.56% (a decrease of 2.06%).
It is worth noting that the IE usage statistics include all versions of IE. It’s only the latest version, IE9 that has good support for HTML5 and css3 (amongst other modern technologies). I would like to think that the rise in the number of websites using modern tools would contribute to people switching to something a bit more ‘up to date’ and leaving their old version of IE behind.
What does this mean for developers and users? It means we can focus on giving the users and visitors to our websites a richer experience.

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<![CDATA[London & Capital goes live]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/london_capital_goes_live http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/london_capital_goes_live We're pleased to announce the launch of London & Captial's new website. The site has been some six months in the making and we've worked closely with L&C's marketing team to develop a new site that really moves the company forward in terms of their digital profile.


A great night was had by all on Wednesday in celebrating the launch. Score hosted the L&C marketing team for some well earned pizza and one or two (or ten) ridiculous looking cocktails at Jerusalem in Rathbone Place. The night unexpectedly turned into a music quiz evening which despite a strong start, saw us finishing in 22nd place (out of 28).

Sore heads all round!

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<![CDATA[Details, details, details]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/details_details_details http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/details_details_details If you have any kind of local issue on your system, one of the first things your IT provider (or indeed, your web developers) will ask you is what platform you are using and what browser. Wouldn't it be great if there was a website that did all of that for you? What's that you say - there is? Well I never:


This is a massively useful site to visit before picking the phone up to us with any email or web browser specific issues as it helps us to nail down the configuration of your system which saves a whole bunch of questioning and faffing about.

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<![CDATA[UPDATE -Service Status: Email Issues]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/update_service_status_email_issues http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/update_service_status_email_issues UPDATE 11th Nov 2011 - Everything seems to be back to normal.

Reported: 0930 - 10th November 2011

We're currently experiencing some issues with our email service, which is resulting in emails not being able to be received.

Information from our host provider:

"Some customers may be experiencing delays in receiving inbound email.
The mails are currently queued for delivery and no mail will have been lost as a result of this issue.
Engineers are currently investigating and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."

We apologise for any inconvenience, but please check back here for updates.

UPDATE: 1100 10th Nov 2011 - Looks like things are moving again, there may be some delay in receiving emails still, but hopefully things will improve throughout the day.

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<![CDATA[Nerdy Things That Are Mostly Pointless: iPhone 4S]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/nerdy_things_that_are_mostly_pointless_iphone_4s http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/nerdy_things_that_are_mostly_pointless_iphone_4s Nah, just kidding. I think it's great.

The revelation that Apple would not be launching the iPhone 5, to me, was not such a bad thing. For a start it means that they won't just be shunting the "old" iPhone 4 to the bottom of their roster to gradually die under a sea of iOS updates it just can't handle (like what happened to my faithful 3G, which I only stopped using after I destroyed it's screen. Still need to claim on insurance for that). It was good to see the 3GS still sitting there stoically refusing to be given the boot by the new boys and up for the next challenges. I suspect it will become the iPod touch of the 3G days. By that I mean, what all the kids will get because their parents won't fork out £600 for a phone for them. Secondly, while there's still the air of my 4 being old and rubbishy, it's not as bad as The Oatmeal makes out, as it's only an extra S, not a whole different number. I like to think that i'm above the lame consumerist mentality that once the new version comes out anything else is obsolete, but I'm still a sucker. Thirdly, it means when the 5 is finally announced, I'll be much closer to the end of my 2 year contract than I am now, so will be all too willing to throw myself into another ridiculously long contract… or not eat for a month so I can buy it outright.

The only new feature to show up on the 4S that I envy slightly… well ok, quite a bit, is Siri. I've not seen too many ridiculing comments coming off the back of this, unlike the iPad announcement (Who's laughing now eh? Yeah, Apple! Just couldn't keep your hands off the pointless tampon sounding things could you.). Other than a list of things to shout out if you notice someone using it, like "MESSAGE MY WIFE YOU'RE DUMPED" and my personal favourite, GLaDOSiri, there's been few other complains that I've seen (though without looking too hard). The thing that always gets me when Apple announce some new features, is that I can usually find situations where it'd be great to have them, making the wait all the more frustrating. Since the initial announcement of iOS5 and it's various improvements, I've been finding situations where being able to set a reminder by location, like when i get home, which does vary in time, or simply making lists in a nice way, that have made the past few months of waiting a little frustrating, but it's almost here. Siri however, will have to wait a little longer, despite my desire to shout random commands at my phone and see what happens. The main one I long for is setting timers and the like as I'm lazy and don't want to have to tap a few times to get to the timer. While Siri may come to the iPad2, a purchase I plan on making before the end of the year (cos I don't consider it a pointless tampon sounding thing and never did), it could still be a while before they implement it, seeing no announcements were made at the event recently. So for the time being, I'll stick to shouting at my computer in vain, knowing nothing will ever happen, or buy a Kinect.

Final thought. It seems logical that I should mention Steve Jobs in this post as well. He was definitely a visionary and he's made us all want shiny things we can't afford and don't really know why we want them, but still do. I converted to a Mac after I moved to london and my PC I'd built myself was getting a bit decrepit. It'd lasted a number of years, a couple of house moves, numerous times being brought home (to my parents), being lugged around and had a few internal changes, but it'd finally got to the point where I had to say goodbye. Though I did used it as seat for many months (possibly years) after than and it was only relatively recently I consigned it to the tip. Anyway, I agonised over paying more for a Mac over a PC, but came to the conclusion that if I wanted something well built that would last and just work, then I'd have to go over to the dark side and get a Mac. I've not looked back. I started to watch the WWDC and other events after than and found myself mesmerised by what Apple were doing, though the first event I watched did announce the upgrades to the MacBook Pro I'd only recently bought, which frustrated me a little, but I forgave them and carried on. I always found that Steve could make marketing spiel sound interesting and found that his soothing voice was easy to listen to. I guess I don't have any great insight into his life or anything like that, but it still felt odd listening to Tim Rice (which I noticed has a similar ring to Steve Jobs, monosyllabic and all. coincidence? yeah, probably) and the announcement of his death days later (I was watching the keynote after then) made it feel odd that no longer would he take the stage to lead us through what we had to look forward to. I have confidence that Apple wasn't balanced solely on the shoulders of one man and thus will continue to do great things, but it will definitely be missing one of it's greatest visionary and leaders.

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<![CDATA[Tweet ya later]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/tweet_ya_later http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/tweet_ya_later We will be running a Twitter Fringe meeting at all 3 political party conferences this year for the very lovely people at www.healthhotel.org.uk. As part of the marketing preamble for the live health debates we have been asked if its possible to schedule a number of Tweets to be sent out in advance. Here's the answer:

1.     Download one of the following applications (all designed to program tweets and schedule times to send them):

    - http://twuffer.com

    - http://www.twitresponse.com 

    - http://www.autotweeter.in

All free to use.

2.     Log into the application with your Twitter information and connect the accounts.

3.     Type the tweet you wish to send in the application. Click "Schedule" or "Tweet Later" and set the time and date for the tweet to send. Save the information and the tweet will appear as scheduled.

Et Voilà!!!?

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<![CDATA[How to get a head in advertising]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/how_to_get_a_head_in_advertising http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/how_to_get_a_head_in_advertising You might have seen the Gareth Bale ?animation by trainee teacher Richard Swarbrick? showing the goal fest in the David and Goliath-esque match against Inter Milan last year. It was an overnight sensation and received 100,000 views in just three days. ?His latest piece is all about Rooney's magical over head kick in February's Manchester derby winner, this time commissioned for an ad by The Sun newspaper.

Along with Rooney getting a generous head of hair for this reincarnation - amazing how The Sun knew about the hair transplant that has since occurred – the guv'ner El Tel was brought in to add Bob Hoskin-like gravel tones to the commentary.

It's alway nice to hear a good luck story. Off the back of the Bale masterpiece, Swarbick has changed his career completly and, whilst animation was only a spare-time labour of love, has since joined trendy animation studio Hotspur & Argyle in Soho.

Just goes to show the power of the viral. Good luck to that man.

PS. Sorry Wayne - had to link the title of this post somehow.

Watch the ad


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<![CDATA[Nerdy Things That Are Mostly Pointless: 3D DOM Tree]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/nerdy_things_that_are_mostly_pointless_3d_dom_tree http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/nerdy_things_that_are_mostly_pointless_3d_dom_tree Perhaps this should be the start of a series of Nerdy Things That Are Mostly Pointless?.

Tilt is a Firefox plugin that allows you to view a webpages DOM tree (the hierarchy for how a page is laid out) in 3D!!! And we all know how much everyone loves 3D. OK, so it's not the brain confusing 3D that has been infecting out cinemas like an eye straining plague, though that may be added in a later update, but it is still pretty cool.

Tilt currently only allows you to pan and rotate a 3D model of the page you activated it on without any other interactions, such as links or any javascript animations, but it's still quite interesting to see how a page is constructed, even if it is mostly pointless. You can also view the page from behind, in case you want to see what it'd be like if you were inside your computer looking at everything from the other side.

You can read more about Tilt on their blog, if you particularly want to be confused by techie speak, which admittedly I don't really understand fully myself. You can also download the plugin from GitHub if you desire the ability to see a page in 3D. To install the plugin, have Firefox open and drag and drop tilt.xpi, located in the bin folder, into Firefox and it'll start installing.

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<![CDATA[Ghost planes on Google]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/ghost_planes_on_google http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/ghost_planes_on_google Planning a route to a meeting in Central London, I recently came across a (not so) ghostly appiration hovering what looks like a few metres above Russell Square and heading towards the British Museum.

Google Aeroplanes

Taking into account the way Google snaps its Maps images via Satelite I've no doubt this is a fairly common occurance, nevertheless, this is the very first time I've come across it and the geek inside of me feels that it should be shared. Take a look for yourself:


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<![CDATA[Jonnie Marbles splats Murdoch ]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/jonnie_marbles_splats_murdoch http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/jonnie_marbles_splats_murdoch With a great interest in Hackgate, the ScoreComms team were keeping a cheeky eye on proceedings at the House of Commons Select Committee this afternoon. Following the un-expected interruption by UK Comedian Jonnie Marbles, we checked out his Twitter feed where we spotted a rather telling Tweet on his Twitter account, posted only seconds before he went for Rupert Murdoch with what looked like a custurd pie.

"It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat"

Jonnie Marbles

First question that struck us: How on earth did Marbles get the pie into the Committee room? I'm sure we'll find out over the next few hours...

In the meantime, we thought we'd be really clever and have just purchased the domains:

www.jonniemarbles.com + www.jonniemarbles.co.uk.

If you have a clever idea about what we can do with these domains or what content we could house on a related website, we'd love to hear from you. Tweet us. One suggestion already received is that we should set up a looped video showing the event. On that basis, perhaps we should also look at registering "MrsMurdochSlap.com" as well!

In the meantime, we've aliased both domains to www.scorecomms.com just to see what kind of interest the comedians actions generate over the next few days. Will be in interesting watch...

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<![CDATA[Google tell businesses to wait before signing up to Google+]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/google_tell_businesses_to_wait_before_signing_up_to_google http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/google_tell_businesses_to_wait_before_signing_up_to_google Google has revealed that it is working on a Google+ experience for businesses and is asking brands not to create Google+ profiles just yet.

In a post and accompanying YouTube video on Google+, Product Manager Christian Oestlien says that the Google+ team is working on creating a unique experience for businesses that includes deep analytics and the ability to connect to products like AdWords. “How users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands,” Oestlien argues.?

Full article on Mashable. Read it here.

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<![CDATA[Google+ +1]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/google_1 http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/google_1 If you're at all confused by that title, then you may have missed the latest offerings from Google which they've been quietly trickling out over the past few weeks and months.

If you haven't seen the google homepage for a while, go have a quick look, I'll wait - here's a link incase you need it, or you could just google Google (I'll admit I've done this before).

Are you back? good! If you didn't notice the relatively subtle changes then I don't really blame you, but Google have been getting their modern design on and have adopted a swanky looking black title bar and got rid of some of the clutter on their already minimalist homepage. The bar at the top controls essentially everything to do with searching different content types and your google account, which, if you don't have one, you really should. It may feel like just another account, but it's quite a bit more than that really - though I'm getting a bit off topic in some ways. Basically, sign up,  I can't see why you'd regret it. The next thing you may want to do is setup a profile for your account as this allow you to keep a better track of your info and allows you to share with others.

Next thing for you to do is a quick google search, lets use the phrase "scorecomms", because why wouldn't you want to search for us? Hopefully you noticed that you didn't have to press enter at all, though you still may have done, out of habit. This is Google Instant at work. Essentially, google thought "What if people could find things before they've finished typing and without ever having to press Enter?". This does works better for large search terms, for instance "buy science fiction books online cheap" or something to that effect. This search shows up Book Depositiory as a GoogleAd and some other results for books hops under that, which is great and I can go and buy a book, however if you search for "buy science fiction" you also get Book Depository and Amazon as GoogleAds as well as other book shops via natural search. So essentially you've found what you want before you even finish typing your full search saving you 19 characters and probably a few seconds. We reported on Google Instant in September 2010 when it first launched , since then it's become much more integrated and more part of how people use Google.

So, going back to my original example of "scorecomms" (quick, do the search again if you went away from it), if you happen to be signed into your Google account you may notice a little box with "+1" in it next to the result title for our site, this is essentially Google's version of a like button called, cleverly, +1. You may need to set up a Google profile but go on, give it a click, I know you want to. The +1 button has been quietly rolled out relatively recently (we reported on the +1 button in April 2011 ) and allows you to show your appreciation of anything you search for to others and can also help Google to taylor ads and content to suit you better (if you want them to). You can see my +1s here, if you're at all interested.

The last thing I'll mention is Google+ and I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard anything about this. + (as I like to call is) is essentially Facebook by Google, which personally I think is great. It's currently in a limited beta state with access via invite, but there are sneaky ways of getting in if space is available, which i think currently it isn't. I've been playing around with + for a week or so and it seems pretty interesting. It allows you to group your contacts into Circle (eg. friends, family acquaintances) and then post to specific people or Circles or publicly if you really want to, which adds to your profile which may or may not be searchable, depending on how you've set things up. This means that you don't end up with a bloated stream from everyone who you have as a contact and allows you to see what's going on from specific groups of people easily. + allows you to write posts, upload images, videos, links etc. and pretty much everything else Facebook does but without all the fluff and a frustrations that Facebook seems to have accumulated over the years. Everything's typically google, so clean and simple in it's operation, though there's still some issues cropping up due to it still being developed. There's quite a few features that are well implemented showing that google know how to use modern coding techniques (if you really needed to know they could), for instance the feedback form allows you to hide certain details and highlight others and a very nice fanning animation when you hover over an album with multiple images allowing you to see more than just the main image. There's even a feature called Hangout which I think is something like a video call with a load of people, though I haven't tried using it yet, so not really sure how it works. It's pretty quiet on + at the moment, as the few people I have as contacts are mostly using it to post test content (much like myself) and not as their main platform for posting. Ideally, Google will provide the ability to migrate all your content from Facebook into + which would mean you wouldn't be starting from scratch and if they get round to opening it up to more people before everyone gets bored , then it could generate some momentum and not fail like Google Wave did, which we reported on the demise of back in august 2010.?

I intend to continue to play around with + until such time as it goes fully live and hopefully gives Facebook a bit of a run for its money.

P.S. Don't forget to hit the +1 button below (or one of the other ones)

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<![CDATA[WWDC - Apple's Not So Forbidden Fruits]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/wwdc_apples_not_so_forbidden_fruits http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/wwdc_apples_not_so_forbidden_fruits You may have seen a few bits of news popping up in newspapers and on tech sites about Apple's latest developer conference WWDC, which is going on in San Fransico right now. The conference started on Monday and lasts for 5 days, giving third party developers the opportunity to get hands on with Apple's latest offerings and go to various workshops so when they get home they can get down to making the various apps that make Apple products so desirable.? For someone like me, an Apple enthusiast but non developer, the main attraction is the keynote speech at the start of the conference, which lets Apple's top guys (including Steve Jobs) to showcase what they've (or more to the point, their developers) have been working on. While they're yet to provide a live feed of the keynote as it happens, a video of the keynote is on the Apple site and available through iTunes now, so I tend to watch that than the live blogging from various tech sites.

So, what has Apple unveiled? Well to be honest, nothing that wasn't already known before the conference, so no new iPhone or other such device; Which is actually a good thing, as it means that they're committing to focus on the iPhone4 and not making it "redundant" just yet. I say "redundant" as a new version doesn't actually invalidate the previous one, this is an unfortunate consequence of the consumerist existence in which we live, a new product seems to means that everything else before it is now worthless. Yet the 3GS is still being sold, meaning the 4 hasn't killed it off just yet, and it still gets full iOS updates, so this kinda proves that wrong.

What was demoed was the new version of OSX (Apple's operating system), codenamed Lion (which, if you don't know, is how Apple have been naming their OS releases since the first version of OSX, via the medium of big cats). The name itself sound impressive, being the king of beasts and all that, and the offerings look pretty impressive too.
Next up was iOS5, the latest release of Apples OS for portable devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, etc.). This looks to promise some really great updates which continue to show Apple's commitment to innovation and to impressing.
And finally, iCloud, Apple's new cloud based storage solution; A way of storage various bits of data online allowing you to access them from anywhere. There have been a lot of cloud based storage products popping up recently; Amazon, Google and Microsoft have all been having a crack at it, so it seems only natural that Apple would join the fray. Though saying that, Apple already had a cloud storage in the form of MobileMe, which cost $99 per month, but, by Steve Jobs' own admission, was not their finest product.

So, if you want a bit more of an in-depth look at each of the above products read on, otherwise continue on your merry way.

OSX Lion

There are a decent number of cosmetic updates in Lion, from the iOS like Mission Control, a place to organise and launch all your OSX apps, to full screen apps that allow you to use all of your screen without any additional clutter like the dock or menu bar.
There are also some new gestures, something that Macbook users will be familiar with and owners of the Magic Trackpad, which look to be moving this away from the point and click era and more into the slide and flick era.
Other updates are a bit more focused on productivity and making life easier for you, something Apple like to do, for instance allowing you to resume apps right where you left them before closing or having an autosave feature and version control on documents and other such things so you can ensure you don't lose anything, ever.
This continues with AirDrop, a neat way of sharing files with people who are nearby, and using a mac, wirelessly and securely; so no more USB sticks or email attachments.
They're also polishing some of their established apps, like Mail, giving it better layout and removing general niggles from emails, such as the mess that can be an email conversation with numerous replies all stacked up at the bottom of an email. There's a reported 250+ new features, of which the above are those detailed in the Keynote, so there should be a lot to play with when it comes out in July.
You can see the full list of new features here.


The release of a new iOS version is always nice as it can make your device feel fresh again, without having to buy something new. The release of iOS5 will be no exception, as there seems to be a good amount of new features and updates to existing features to ensure you'll be playing around with your phone for a while.
The top features, for me at least, is a revamped Notification Center (spelt all Americaney), which actually makes notifications on the iPhone useful. In their current existence, they're a little on the annoying and fleeting side; They only really exist on the home screen or right in front of your face, but nowhere else. This will be very helpful and will mean that you're less likely to miss out of important info, like calendar events, by unlocking your phone to do something else.
In a similar vain, Reminders allows you to set specific reminders for dates which are different from calendar events, which I've always found a bit of a pain for use on a quick reminder to do something at a certain time in the day. Another interesting features is that you can set reminders based on location, via the built in GPS. This means that you could set a reminder for when you get home, which for me can range from 7.30pm to 11pm (depending on how late I leave), to remind you to put the bins out or call your mum. This could also be used for a shopping list, for which I currently use notes which can be a pain, or a to do list for work or household chores.
More for the iPad and iPod touch crowd, iMessage allows communication over Wi-Fi or 3G without the need for a phone contract. There seems to be a good lot of features to allow you to see if a message was received and read or if someone is typing a response. Hopefully you can turn this off, as it's sometimes nice to be able to ignore things without feeling like you're being watched. I don't think I'd use this much on my iPhone, as I'm on a brutally restrictive 500Mb of data, which I find I get through in less than 30 days even when using relatively sparingly; it may be a good idea to upgrade to a higher data allowance if you're planning on using this much.
Another new feature which I probably won't really be using is Newsstand, which is a place to store newspaper and magazine subscriptions, but as I don't read newspapers or magazines, I won't be. I'm sure that some people will find this really useful, it seems similar to iBooks, but integrated into the home screen, so you can open it up, browse and select which subscription to read without opening the app. I also imagine there's not a huge amount of publications on there yet, particularly UK based ones, but if it ends up being a big enough money maker for those involved, it'll grow rapidly enough; This has happened with iTunes and the App Store, so could easily work the same for this.
Twitter is making a fully integrated appearance, allowing you tweet pictures straight after taking them, or share webpages or other such stuff without needing to open the app and paste in content. Personally I prefer this to Facebook (though both would've been better), as I've relatively recently moved more towards using Twitter for pointless life updates and Facebook more to see what my friends are unto.
The camera app has also received a bit of an update adding some gesture zoom controls and some quick access from the lock screen. They've also made the volume up button a shutter button which will making snapping photos in landscape, at least, easier and something the taptaptap [http://taptaptap.com/blog/cameraplus-volumesnap-rejected/] will be pleased with, I'm sure. Further photo related updates is to allow editing within the Photo app, by the looks of it cropping, image enhancement and red-eye removal. I'm still not 100% convinced by the standard Camera app and prefer taptaptaps Camera+ [http://campl.us/], which is pretty much the Camera app + some other cool features.
One updates which one of my friends, who works at the Apple Store in Kingston (no, I can't get you a free iPad) said he was very pleased with, is the ability to activate you iOS device without a computer, meaning that the tonne (metric of cause) of activations he has to do a day will be a thing of the past. This is definitely a move towards ditching the need for a computer and just own a iPad as your main device; This is further extended by iCloud, which I'll get onto in a bit, but will mean that you'll never really need to plug your device into anything, other than the mains to recharge the battery, to keep it in sync with the rest of your devices.
Further update to Mail, Calendar and other standard apps seem mostly to integrate iCloud with them, which if you peruse the iOS5 features page you'll see pops up a lot within the blurb for each new feature.
Joe Belfiore, Windows Phone Program Director, was reported to say on Twitter that he was flattered by iOS has copied Windows Phone ideas, though I feel you could equally say to him that WP copied iOS in the majority of it's launch features, but maybe that's just being mean, this guy obviously needs a bit of a win.


Essentially iCloud is MobileMe but better and free. It pretty much syncs everything you do on your phone to the cloud (a mythical place where data exists - in actuality it's a giant server farm somewhere in America which stores all your data safely and securely and allows you to get at it from anywhere) so that you won't have to connect your devices to your computer to sync them.
To give you an idea of how this will work, if, for instance, you own a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad (you lucky thing), currently you have to sync each device to a computer in order to get all your data on each device, with iCloud you don't have to do anything. If you take a picture on your phone, it's uploaded to iCloud and then downloaded onto each device that you've setup to use the same account. If you add a calendar event, the same happens, so if your other half (if you're luck enough to have one) has their calendar linked up to the same account then anything you add to your calendar appears on theirs. If you buy music in iTunes all your iCloud based devices will be able to access and download the same music without additional costs and without syncing via a computer. Essentially, all your stuff is available on all your devices without having to do anything, aside from the initial setup. There's more to it, but that's the basic principle. There are some elements I already have setup on my phone thanks to Google Sync, which is essentially a free Microsoft Exchange server thats linked to my Google account, so I already have emails, contacts and calendars synced across my devices. I'm probably not going to change that unless I can have them running simultaneously as a second like of backups, as having the ability to access all my contacts and calendar events in google from any internet enabled device seems more sensible than having to have an Apple device in order to get hold of it.
More details on iCloud, and pretty animations, can be found here

So that's about it. It looks like come August/September time, there'll be some good stuff coming to Apple users, with the Lion upgrade releasing this July. If I remeber rightly, there's usually another event around September, which could mark the unvailing of a new iPhone or other such devices, but we'll just have to wait until then to find out.

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<![CDATA[Great chemistry with Hydrogen]]> http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/great_chemistry_with_hydrogen http://www.scorecomms.com/blog/great_chemistry_with_hydrogen We're delighted to have been selected by the Hydrogen Group to help design and roll-out a new global web presence for the company.

Working closely with our branding partners, Morning Design, we will be interpreting a new set of brand collateral for the group by creating a new web interface and site infrastructure.

Hydrogen are a global specialist recruitment group focused on mid- to senior-level roles. They operate globally, with specialist research teams spanning over 40 countries focused on sourcing the top 20 per cent of individuals locally and internationally.

Hydrogen was named Britain’s Top Employer (CRF Institute) in 2007 and 2008 and was placed second in 2009 and 2010.

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