What is Branding?

Creating and maintaining a strong brand identity is crucial to a business. A company’s identity reflects its personality and future ambitions. We will examine where you would like your company to be positioned within the mind of your customer and then produce an identity that will reflect and reinforce this.

New brand development is aimed at start-up companies requiring the development of a professional corporate/brand identity. Re-branding is aimed at established companies who are looking to develop a new brand identity and re-position themselves within the marketplace.

What can it do for you?

We can maximise the value of your corporate identity by helping you to maintain a consistent visual identity throughout your marketing communications. We will also ensure that the brand is protected by producing guidelines and templates for use on both internal and external material.

Our team provide the experience, honesty and impartiality needed to ensure your brand is meaningful and appropriate to your target audiences. We have a deep understanding of what does and doesn’t get the right reaction from people. Using this knowledge, we will get close to you and your offerings to establish where you are now and where you want to be.

Score Communications have the ability to work across all digital media in order to provide a consistent brand identity from online presence to offline materials.

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