What is Online Campaigning?

Online campaigns come in all shapes and sizes and consist of a range of tactics and assets. From a focused website heavily tailored towards a message, product or service, through to social networking pages or strategically placed adverts on other web platform's.

What can we do for you?

Our specialist area is helping our clients get their message across to a targeted audience. With a strong grounding in online messaging and background in public affairs, PR and political lobbying, this is an area that we feel most comfortable in. We study the latest campaigning techniques and where appropriate, assist our clients in harnessing these for their own campaigns and issue awareness. With the ability to not only interact with, but actually create full blown social networking sites, we are in a great position to help guide you in taking your campaign to the next level.

Amongst some of the more high profile campaigns we have worked on are the Campaign to End Child Poverty and Future Heathrow.


Why bring them to your office, when you can bring your office to them? http://t.co/h3gg3VTD http://t.co/DCfKyNAU

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2011 = done. Now for our main target in 2012! http://t.co/jfbsKAB4

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Happy Chrismukkah to all of our wonderful clients and friends. Thanks for making 2011 a great year - here's to 2012! http://t.co/oIEcIi8n

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