What is a digital strategy?

In short: A plan! There are so many routes and directions available to a marketeer or company director on the web that its difficult to determine which is the best for your company? Should you focus on an organic search campaign? Perhaps paid search is best? Is Facebook the best network to target or perhaps LinkedIn because its a little more business focused? These are the kinds of questions we will help you tackle.

What can it do for you?

Once we have gained a detailed understanding of your operation and your long-term goals we are able to draw together a plan of action. This will include recommendations and actions that you will be in a position to carry out yourselves alongside site development and digital marketing methods that we will support you on.

Importantly, the actions set out will all be completely tracked and analysed which will allow us to work with you in the long-term to establish their success. This will help you justify your digital budget whilst maximising your key goals (sales, hits, recognition etc).

A large element of this work will be your input and understanding. Digital Marketing is not black magic and there are no behind-the-scenes mystery or tricks. We explain in detail exactly what we do and ensure that our clients are fully on-board. To this extent, we also hold half-day and full-day workshops in which we create your digital strategy and explain best practice techniques in the process.



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