What is PPC?

PPC means Pay Per Click Advertising. An advertiser pays to have their advert appear on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN when a chosen keyword or phrase is searched for. The adverts normally appear under a heading such as "Sponsored Links" (the column on the right when you search with Google).

All major search engines now use some form of pay-per-click listings, enabling businesses to take advantage of a unique online marketing opportunity. Consumer use of search engines to locate information on products, find local businesses and buy from vendors has never been greater and is growing daily.

What can PPC do for you?

PPC advertising, if properly managed, is one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses to delve into the powerful channel of internet advertising. It also provides one of the easiest ROI analyses in marketing.

The reason why pay-per-click ads are becoming such an attractive option to businesses of all sizes, is that campaign options can be tailored to suit any budget. From large multi-national corporations down to small vendors, online advertising using PPC can deliver targeted, high quality traffic to your website.

The PPC service we offer consists of designing and maintaining online marketing campaigns to encourage the maximum level of traffic to your web page, while restricting outlay to leads from genuinely interested customers only.

By individually tracking the effectiveness of each keyword and time of day, as well as the effectiveness of individual creative copy, you can quickly turn a PPC search engine marketing trial into a viable, ROI justified marketing campaign.

Search engine marketing is without a doubt the most important form of online marketing today. Being highly visible to prospective customers for a specific search query is the strongest way to draw in qualified visitors. It’s the very reason why search advertising is the fastest-growing form of advertising today.

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