What is a Blog?

A weblog or “blog” is a web site where an individual records his ideas, observations and opinions, inspires comments from others and links to other web resources. The format is flexible (a personal journal or an interactive information management site) and its style is informal.

Blogs are public and searchable on the Internet. Blogging has revolutionised traditional online communication and is proving its tremendous potential to do the same in marketing.

What can a Blog do for you?

Blogs can help to:

1) Open up internal communications where it was previously impossible - allowing companies of all sizes to tap into their staff’s creative potential, increasing morale and productivity while doing so.

2) Transform companies from from faceless, corporate entities into transparent, trustworthy and honest communities of real people.

Companies who get the most out of blogs and the blogosphere cut out the middleman in their communication with customers, markets and industry peers. Organisations that do not join the conversation will soon have no customers to talk to at all.

In 2006 we worked with Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to develop and launch their first corporate blog. Read more about this case study here.

Score Communications build blogs of the very highest quality which offer all the functionality of a fully content managed site, with the added power, flexibility and personality of a pure blog.

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